Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Sunday and two cards

Okay, I have given you a break from my card making so now it's time to get back to it.  As is my habit (though some of you probably think it's not a very good habit! LOL)  when I get a new stamp, I color several versions of the image because I'm still trying to perfect my coloring technique.  Besides that, I can make several cards at the same time and it gives me several different options for building my stash.  In other words, I'll color, say 3 of the same image at one time.  Then I'll make 3 cards... one birthday card, one thank you card and maybe a friendship or sympathy card.  Then when I need a card, it's already made and ready to add my personal note to the recipient.  The only kind of card I need to make more of are masculine ones.  I have the hardest time with those because they generally aren't as pretty and I enjoy making pretty things!  Haha!  I do have a son, grandson, 2 brothers, a brother-in-law and several nephews though so I really need to get my butt in gear and make some "guy" cards!  The problem is that I can't make them all using the same image because all of the men in my life are relatives and it's almost a sure bet that they would discover my secret!  Haha! Maybe I'll have to use my Cricut or Silhouette for those cards.  My machines have been rather neglected since I got the markers so it's about time to blow the dust off and use them anyway.

Here are two variations on the lilies card I posted a while back.  I colored the flowers yellow on the first one but I used the same basic pallette as I did on the card in my original post.  On the second one, the flowers are orange again but the pallette is a little different and I added lace and pearls.  I also layered the lilies to give them the illusion of being 3-dimensional and in case you haven't noticed, I love using butterflies on my cards, especially the ones with flowers as the main motif.

Thanks for dropping by today.  Have a wonderful weekend!  I'm off to do some blog hopping and some laundry.  See ya next time!



  1. These cards are gorgeous! I love the butterflies floating around the flowers. The colours you used are great too. I really love these!

  2. What beautiful cards! I love the colors in them and the embellishments you added to each! Lovely!!

  3. Hi Anne!

    What beautiful cards you've created with pretty coloring! I see that you also LOVE butterflies :) I adore the lace you've added on the second card! As far as masculine cards... I'm not a big fan of making those either! But, we do what must be done lol!

    Thanks so much for visiting me ♥

    Love n hugs,


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